Clarity through Design, this is what Teknoglass Solutions is all about. Whether it’s translucent, opaque, curved, special shapes or tinted, electronic smart glass instantly redefines the office environment.

Each piece of switchable glass is bespoke and designed to integrate seamlessly with standard office partition designs, conference rooms, executive suites, automatic and manual sliding door systems and even used as a television screen with rear projection techniques.

When discretion is vital, Switchable glass gives you the ability to control privacy either internally or from the public gaze. With its impressive technical qualities and ultra low haze it is the choice for architects, partition companies and interior specialists and of course the discerning individual.

Working with contractors and specialist interior fit out contractors is our speciality. The founders and engineers of Teknoglass Solutions pioneered the use of privacy glass over 12 years ago and developed the technology through a world leader to its current standard. Our experience of designing, manufacturing and installing smart glass is renowned in International markets.

Depending on the project requirements we can supply just the switchable glass or a complete partition system. In addition we offer our own in-house installation engineers for customer piece of mind and a full range of remote or hard wired control systems each tailored to the specific room design.

Our philosophy is to create the highest quality smart glass product, the best customer service, and the most innovative designs all backed with a 2 year warranty as standard.


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