Intelligent switchable glass can provide any space with that special contemporary feel.

As a bedroom screen, bathroom room divider to walk in wet room applications the use of electronic smart glass offers the edge over conventional room designs.

For discretion Privacy Glass offers your guests the perfect balance where space, light & dignity can co-exist. The ability for the occupier to control the state of the glass is something that people will have to see to believe.

With the touch of a button, the electronic privacy glass allows you to decide when the glass is clear; enabling a full view between the rooms. When you wish to maintain a high level of privacy at the ‘flick of a switch’ the dividing glass is instantly opaque. Even in the privacy state, diffused light passes through the glass to maintain an open feel allowing for a bright airy environment. The glass wall as a divider will make the room appear larger, brighter & more inviting.


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