Innovative solutions in the leisure industry

Privacy and discretion are key factors in a leisure environment

The integration of electronic smart glass provides that WOW factor providing instant privacy at the push of a button. Not only does provide a non-vision screen it allows light to flood into the public areas even when in the opaque position.

The glass can be easily cleaned and disinfected regularly to improve public health and reducing cleaning costs. All of our switchable glass is rated at IPX7 which means it is ideal for use in wet environments such as swimming pools, changing rooms and general public areas.

Switchable electronic glass when integrated with coloured glass, special interlayers or intricate designs creates a work of art to enhance any leisure facility. From a simple privacy shower cubicle or shower screen through to specialist Suspended Particle Devices SPD technology for display cases in museums and art galleries. Intelligent glass offers real practicality with certain flair to enhance any environment, whether it for privacy or light control Teknoglass has the solution.