Teknoglass Solutions work closely with the NHS and Health Care Providers to design innovative switchable product solutions for patient safety, privacy and dignity.

Through continued studies it has been proven that sheer, easily cleaned surfaces are essential in hospitals in order to reduce the risks associated with the spread of super bugs such as CDIFF and MRSA.

By offering the patient dignity and privacy our glass allows the hospital staff to safely and efficiently review patient wellbeing at the ‘flick of a switch’. Privacy glass used in medical applications offer a light, robust, easily cleaned surface to replace traditional blind / curtain systems that are known for harboring dirt and bugs. Our electronic switchable glass can be enhanced with a variety of bespoke innovations from antibacterial coatings to further reduce the effects of cross contamination, x-ray protection and laser screening for medical procedure applications.

The use of privacy glass in Critical, Intensive Care and general ward locations, dental, ophthalmic, private surgeries and sports science applications are benefiting from the integration of electronic glass technologies


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