Whether its privacy or light control electronic switchable glass will enhance the look and feel of any room, from dignity to light control integrated into internal room dividers, shower screens, roof lights or external windows Teknoglass has the solution.

Our Privacy Liquid Crystal glass is completely opaque in the off condition, when power is applied the glass switches instantly to the clear condition.

Our SPD technology allows the user to infinitely control the level of light from clear to virtual 100% light blockage. This type of intelligent glass eliminates the need for view-blocking window accessories such as curtains or blinds and will also shield 99% of harmful UV rays that can damage valuable furnishings & artwork.

All glass variations are manufactured to exact client specifications and are available as a supply only product or as a full supply and installation option. At Teknoglass Solutions we are not just a glass supplier, we design and supply the complete package from the switchable glass, framing, window and door system to electrical wiring and bespoke controls systems.  


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